standorfNHCA test their students annually using Stanford 10. Standardized tests helping schools objectively assess students’ academic progress and potential from year to year with quantifiable test data based on accepted models of student academic development. This multiple-choice assessment will help your school administration find out what students know and are able to do. Administrators will obtain reliable data to evaluate each student’s progress toward meeting content standards for each grade level. Supervisors will identify and help children who have gaps in their learning experience. Parents will understand what their child knows, his knowledge and abilities, and how they as parents can help. The standardized test results can reveal strengths and weaknesses in the child’s knowledge. Stanford 10 tests can only be administered during specific times in campus-based schools using the A.C.E. curriculum and cannot be purchased by individual homeschool families. Stanford 10 testing is comprised of thirteen complete battery levels that measure academic achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics, language arts, science, and social science for students from Kindergarten through Grade Level 12. These tests take from two to four mornings to administer, depending on the grade level being tested.