Together We Can

Together We Can Debt Retirement Campaign

On Sunday, May 5, 2024 we kicked off our Mortgage Debt Retirement Campaign called “Together We Can.”  Our bank is requiring us to reduce our mortgage debt by $100,000 by March of 2025.  We ask all our church family to pray and agree with us that these additional funds will be raised and exceeded.  With us reducing our debt we will be able to reduce our monthly payments as well as the total debt overall.  If you have any ideas on raising additional funds, please reach out to us so we can include your ideas in our debt reduction discussions and plans.  Below is the card that was handed out.  Thank you for joining in with us on this journey of financial miracles for you and WFA.  If you would like to give online you just select the fund Together We Can and all contributions will be credited to this campaign. As always, thanks for your financial support of WFA.